Consultants and Lobbyists

The Washington Monument

The One Contact You Need

Spending any length of time lobbying in DC can be taxing. At the end of the day, you don’t have to face the same old hotel room and eat out every night. Our fully furnished apartments offer a comfortable and more reasonably priced alternative.

In addition, having a full sized, fully equipped kitchen at your disposal will allow you to eat healthier and more affordable meals in when you’re not meeting clients out. 

Advocacy Made Easy

Our inventory of suites, located throughout the DC area, are conveniently located near public transportation providing easy access to your clients.

Per Diem Suites staff will help you find the right accommodations for your short-term stay just inside the Beltway near K St


Make a Reservation

Send us a message with your desired room type, arrival date and number of nights you'd like to reserve, and we'll contact you in no time.